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DIY Souvenir: Travel Photo Luggage Tags with Free Printable Back

DIY Souvenir: Travel Photo Luggage Tags by Wanderlust Designer

DIY Souvenir: Travel Photo Luggage Tags by Wanderlust Designer

Although luggage is getting a little easier to spot on the turnstile, sometimes we still can get confused. Why not use all those great photos from your trip to help identify your piece. Not only will you be able to spot your luggage, but perhaps you’ll even get a compliment or two on your travel photography.

Here’s a simple “how to” to use your travel photos and create a personalized luggage tags. There’s also some free printable backsides to the tags, to put your name and detaled info. The backs come in 4 themes – Nature, Urban, Asian, and Tropical, perfect to match up with one of your vacations.

So get your photos out, and printer ready– and make some colorful tags!

How to Make Your Own Travel Photo Luggage Tags

How to Make a Travel Photo Luggage Tag by Wanderlust Designer

How to Make a Travel Photo Luggage Tag by Wanderlust Designer

1. These luggage tags are business card sized (3.5″x2″) in size. They are perfect for all types of luggage, from your carry on, purse, camera case or backpack, to your larger check in luggage. First off to creating your tags is to pick out some of your favorite photos. Once selected, print them out at 60% onto white 8.5″x11″card stock (the card stock will give the tag a little weight.) A 60% reduction when printing will reduce a 4″x6″ photo to approximately 3.5″x2″. You will have to only do minimal trimming to match up with back side. If you use iPhoto, you can print them out at 3.5″x2″ by adjusting the “Paper Size” in the Printer Dialog Box. (Create a “custom paper size” of 3.5″x2″. It should scale and slightly crop the photo accordingly.)

2. Cut out all your 3.5″x2″ photos.

3. Print out the luggage tag backs on 8.5″x11″ white card stock. (See link below.)

4. Cut out luggage tag backs.

5. Write in your identity information on backs with black pen.

6. Match up front photo with one of the back designs. You can use a small piece of double stick tape to secure the two pieces together.

7. “Laminate” your luggage tags with clear packing tape. This is my favorite, inexpensive laminating tool. I like Scotch brand heavy duty shipping tape, since it is extra thick and durable. If you prefer, you can take the tags to be laminated at a office supply store.

8. Pick out the appropriate string to use to tie the luggage tag. I’ve chosen twine (for the rugged, nature shot), leather string (for the outdoorsy shot), ribbon and string to add personality to the tags.

9. Now attach to your luggage and head off on an adventure!

Free Printable Luggage Tag Backs in Different Themes

Below is a link to 4 thematic luggage tag backs. Just select the link or image, and print out on 8.5″x11″ white card stock from your browser. See more detailed instructions above.


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