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Creative Adventures at Home

You don’t have to go far to be creative! Here are a variety of imaginative adventures you can do right from home.

Take Your Art on the Go

Capture your experiences exploring your world through creative prompts & projects, whether wandering your home town or adventuring in far off destinations. Draw, paint, collage, map, paste, photograph, journal; these art on the go ideas are for all levels. Check out all the art on the go ideas here, or below are some projects to get you started:

Head to Art School

Enough with boring, tedious tutorials! Have fun with easy “how to draw” lessons and learn art techniques like line, color, texture, form, composition, the -isms, the masters, all in an approachable, engaging manner that will provide you with loads of art ideas. Here’s a list of all art school projects or below are a few projects to get you started:

Start a Creative Journal

Keeping a journal, whether it is of my day or an extensive trip is one of the most satisfying creative activities I do. Here’s a full list of journaling basics and creative journal templates. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Get Inspired by People, Books, Websites, Classes & More

Come find me on Instagram and Pinterest for many more ideas to help you explore your world creatively!

Fulfill Your Wanderlust Ways

Adventure is everywhere! Around every corner of the world, either at home or abroad is something new to learn, try, or explore. I love sharing creative wanderlust ideas from a great read, to a new recipe. Here are a few posts to read to get you started:

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