Culture: Food – Fresh Caprese Salad from Italy

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A summer breeze coming from the Mediterranean cools us as we sit on the terrace reminiscing about our day boating around Capri. The sun is just beginning to set and the heat of the day is subsiding. It’s time to pour a delicious glass of wine and enjoy a light meal – a Caprese salad reminiscent of the Italian flag!

If you can’t get to Capri, bring home these delicious tastes of Italy by making a Caprese Salad at home. This salad one of those easy go-to recipes that make it feel like a Capri summer day all year long!

The recipe couldn’t be simpler. Just cut thick slices of fresh, ripe tomatoes and fresh mozarella cheese and layer each in a fan on a place. Tear off several fresh basil leaves and place among the cheese and tomato slices. Lightly drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and enjoy!

Fresh Caprese Salad from Italy (illustration by Wanderlust Designer)

Fresh Caprese Salad from Italy (illustration by Wanderlust Designer)

More Caprese Salad Alternatives

Caprese Skewers – Using cherry tomatoes, mini-mozzarella balls, and basil leaves, skewer the ingredients to form a colorful handheld appetizer.

Caprese Sandwich – use the same ingredients and layer on freshly baked farmhouse bread. You can spread the bread with pesto sauce to add more of that fresh basil taste as well as a hint of garlic.

Caprese Additions – Some like to add olives to a Caprese Salad. You can also experiment with different types of herbes or fresh greens instead of basil like arugula.

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