Creative Wanderlust Experiences, Workshops & Retreats

Let Betsy Beier inspire your community with an engaging Creative Wanderlust Experience where she brings curiosity, imagination, art and play to exploring your world near and far.

Betsy’s Creative Wanderlust Experiences include:

  • interactive storytelling prompts that inspire wanderlust.
  • approachable hands-on art, journaling, writing and/or photography exercises to discover yourself, your local area and the world around us.
  • tangible tips and insights to exploring and traveling with a colorful lens.

Participants leave with:

  • more confidence in their own creative abilities.
  • an artistic endeavor they are proud of.
  • an energizing experience sparking curiosity.
  • inspiration to transform everyday experiences into creative adventures.

Sample Creative Wanderlust Experience

Our experience starts with a wanderlust warm-up where we begin to interact and share stories and curiosities about the world we live. With our minds engaged, we then move into a series of short, imaginative exercises where we energize our creativity.

Finally with provided materials, we dive into a hands-on activity where we are inspired by our location. We use all our senses and get immersed in our adventure by exploring the details of our selves and surroundings through art, writing, and photography. Above shows a sample folded journal of writing and sketches from exploring a local farmers market.

Experiences range from 30 minutes to full day.

More Creative Wanderlust Experience Examples

Below are links to several different Creative Wanderlust Experiences I have hosted in various cities. These experiences have varied from being offered as individual workshops as well as an artistic element of a longer retreat settings. Click each link to learn more about each event and a menu of different experience offerings.

  • Creative Wanderlust Experience – Illustrate Your Adventures on the Go in New York City
  • Creative Wanderlust Experience – Storytelling Journal in San Francisco’s Chinatown
  • Creative Wanderlust Experience – Mapping Your Life Journey, Leadership Retreat in Mendocino, CA

More Activity Examples

  • interactive journals
  • custom map making
  • creative badge designs
  • hand made postcards
  • playful illustration collections

Creative Wanderlust Experiences Perfect for Your Event

Workshops & Retreats

One of my greatest passions is to teach people how to pique their curiosities, discover their surroundings and make even the most everyday experience a creative adventure. This type of event is perfect for retreats, travel companies, hotels, adventure companies, event planners and more. It can be tailored to last an hour or 2 or span multiple days depending on your needs.

Team Building Events

Are you looking for creative ideas for your next team building event? I’d love to work together to host an engaging creative experience your team members will all enjoy. Whether you are looking for useful exercises on ways to bring creativity to everyday work or needing an event that just lets your team relax, I’m here to help. Below are just a few ideas of team building events I can host:

  • Learn How to Create Sketch Notes
  • Creative Brainstorming with Art
  • Take Your Art on the Go
  • Doodle Your Day
  • Create an Imaginary Map of Your Work “Island”
  • Paint Like the Masters

(Note: These adventures can be held in person or online as needed.)

Custom Events

From adult gatherings to kids parties, I’d love to work with you and create an imaginative experience suited for any age. Below are just a few example ideas:

  • Paint Like the Masters
  • Paint a Celestial Sky
  • Learn How to Draw a Floral Bouquet
  • Draw Your Favorite Recipe
  • Draw Fairies, Dragons & Magical Creatures
  • Create a Treasure Map 
  • Paint Sweet Treats
  • etc.

(Note: These experiences can be held in person or online as needed.)


“Betsy inspired me to be creative, something I never thought I could do!”

“I learned so much from just one experience.”

“Love the historical background
and cultural tidbits Betsy
offers while teaching
the projects!”