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Travel Story – Road Trip Along the Eastern Sierras

The stark landscape along state route 395 in California and Nevada is so incredible inspirational. Here are highlights from my road trip along this route. Illustrated Map of Eastern Sierras Road Trip by Wanderlust

Digital Travel Journal: A Trip to the Coast

I feel so lucky to live so close to the coast yet don’t seem to get there nearly enough. In only 10 minutes, I can be on a rural road heading over the hills

Illustration News: Custom Map of Napa Valley for the ACCP Conference

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Custom Illustrated Map of Napa Valley by Wanderlust Designer

I was so excited to be commissioned to create a custom map for the Association of Club Catering Professionals a few months back. They held their annual conference in Napa Valley and they wanted

Illustration News: New Road Trip Sticker Pack for Pic Collage App

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Road Trip Sticker Pack for Pic Collage by Wanderlust Designer

I’m sure many of you know– I am a huge fan of a good road trip! There’s just nothing like packing up your car and heading out onto the long highway to places unknown

On Location: Road Trips – American Road Trip Puzzle with True South Puzzles

American Road Trip Puzzle for True South Puzzle (Illustrated by Wanderlust Designer)

I’m so happy to announce the release of my latest licensing project – an American Road Trip Puzzle! I had a wonderful time partnering with True South Puzzle Company of Nashville in creating this

On Location: Road Trip – Soaking Up the Sun and Surf in Baja California, Mexico

Soaking Up the Sun Down Baja California, Mexico by Wanderlust Designer

The holidays are over and winter weather has set in for us Northern Hemisphere folk. If you’re like me, this is the signal that it’s time to make some plans for a warm weather

On Location: Road Trip – Winding Through Texas Hill Country

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Winding through Texas Hill Country by Wanderlust Designer

Discover some of the best kept secrets in the Lone Star State when you wind your way through Texas Hill Country! Saddle up in Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World, and ride through

On Location: Road Trip – Explore West Marin, Northern California

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Explore West Marin, Northern California by Wanderlust Designer

Within minutes of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and leaving famous San Francisco, you find yourself surrounded by some of the most serene nature in California. Wind your way through picturesque Marin County

On Location: Road Trip – Cruising 395 and the Eastern Sierras

Posted by • February 24, 2015 • On Location ,Road Trips ,Travel Sketches 2 Comments
Cruising Along 395 and the Eastern Sierras by Wanderlust Designer

Want to explore a lunar landscape? Discover a Wild West ghost town? Dine at an authentic Basque restaurant? Roll the dice at a craps table and do this all within only a few hours drive? Head to the California/Nevada border,

On Location: 10 Tips for Visiting Death Valley, California

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Death Valley, California: 10 Tips for Visiting by Wanderlust Designer

The dry, parched land stretches out before you for miles. The air burns your lungs as you take in a deep breath. There is no water in sight.  This is Death Valley, California, a