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Travel Journal: A Day at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

I’ll never forget our perfect day hanging out on famed Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. It was winter time, yet the sunny, mid-seventy degree (fahrenheit) weather would suggest otherwise. We took a metro train

Creative Travel: Capturing the Look of a Neighborhood – A Walk Down Grand Ave, South San Francisco (incl Free Printable Coloring Page)

Trying to capture a neighborhood or location with a few simple drawings can sometimes feel like a daunting task! Take any given neighborhood, from residential to downtown and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by

Travel Story – Cabins of Lake Tahoe

One of my favorite things to do when I’m in Tahoe is to take long walks. Walks along the lakeside are amazing, but I also love to wander in and out of the neighborhoods

At Home Creative Adventures: Create a Landscape Painting Inspired by Van Gogh

Needing some culture or creative inspiration, but not wanting to leave the house? Museums around the world offer virtual tours of their collection to offer you colorful inspiration for days! Today, I virtually traveled

Travel Journal – Charles Bridge, Prague

The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic is one of the top sites to visit. This historic bridge spans the Vltava river and connects Old Town Prague with Prague Castle. In the summer it

Digital Travel Journal: A Trip to the Coast

I feel so lucky to live so close to the coast yet don’t seem to get there nearly enough. In only 10 minutes, I can be on a rural road heading over the hills

Travel Journal: My Favorite Corner in New York City

New York City is like a second home to me. Although I only lived there a short time in my life, the experience was like no other. Here’s a travel journal of my favorite

Travel Journal: Meandering on Miyajima, Japan

Travel Journal: An Afternoon in Woodside, CA

Travel Journal Spread from An Afternoon Adventure: Woodside, CA by Betsy Beier

Travel Journal Spread from An Afternoon Adventure: Woodside, CA by Betsy Beier One afternoon I was in desperate need for an outing and headed to the quaint town of Woodside, CA. Just 10 minutes from

Illustration News: Custom Map of Napa Valley for the ACCP Conference

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Custom Illustrated Map of Napa Valley by Wanderlust Designer

I was so excited to be commissioned to create a custom map for the Association of Club Catering Professionals a few months back. They held their annual conference in Napa Valley and they wanted