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Travel Story – Road Trip Along the Eastern Sierras

The stark landscape along state route 395 in California and Nevada is so incredible inspirational. Here are highlights from my road trip along this route. Illustrated Map of Eastern Sierras Road Trip by Wanderlust

Travel Journal – Charles Bridge, Prague

The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic is one of the top sites to visit. This historic bridge spans the Vltava river and connects Old Town Prague with Prague Castle. In the summer it

Digital Travel Journal: Visiting a Llama Farm in Peru

After we left Cusco, Peru. we headed down into the Sacred Valley and stopped along the way at a the Awana Kancha weaving center to get a glimpse at how the beautiful Peruvian wools

Travel Journal: Wandering through Le Marché aux Puces de Saint Ouen Paris, France

There is something so romantic about going to the flea market in Paris– oh the treasures you might find! Here is a travel story about visiting the famed markets in Paris,

Travel Journal: My Favorite Corner in New York City

New York City is like a second home to me. Although I only lived there a short time in my life, the experience was like no other. Here’s a travel journal of my favorite

Travel Journal: Meandering on Miyajima, Japan

The Benefits of Keeping a Travel Journal and Taking Your Art on the Go

I’ve been keeping a travel journal of some sort for as long as I can remember. Some of my journals are purely a diary, a written account of what I did on the trip.

Illustration News: New Road Trip Sticker Pack for Pic Collage App

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Road Trip Sticker Pack for Pic Collage by Wanderlust Designer

I’m sure many of you know– I am a huge fan of a good road trip! There’s just nothing like packing up your car and heading out onto the long highway to places unknown

On Location: Road Trip – Soaking Up the Sun and Surf in Baja California, Mexico

Soaking Up the Sun Down Baja California, Mexico by Wanderlust Designer

The holidays are over and winter weather has set in for us Northern Hemisphere folk. If you’re like me, this is the signal that it’s time to make some plans for a warm weather

On Location: The Dilapidated Grandeur of Old Havana

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Colorful Havana Cuba (Drawings and Story by Wanderlust Designer)

As our tour bus turned on to the famed Malecón, my extended family of 18 all vied to get a good view. We were eager to see the shiny, vintage American cars, check out