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Travel Journal – Charles Bridge, Prague

The Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic is one of the top sites to visit. This historic bridge spans the Vltava river and connects Old Town Prague with Prague Castle. In the summer it

Art School: How to Draw a Mask

Posted by • March 5, 2019 • Art on the Go ,Art School ,Culture ,Entertainment ,History Add Comment

Masks are a part of many celebrations around the world, namely Carnevale in Venice, Italy; Carnaval do Brazil; and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Some believe masks were a pagan practice to ward off

Art School: How to Draw a Box of Chocolates

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When did a box of chocolates become synonymous with Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day has a long history, yet it wasn’t until the mid-1800’s when British chocolatier Richard Cadbury was trying to perfect his drinking

Wanderlust Patterns: Swedish Folk Collection

Swedish Folk Collection by Wanderlust Designer

Before we went to Sweden, I took in as many books and stories as I could about Swedish culture. Immersing myself in all-things-Swedish really got me excited to explore the country and see if

Culture: History – A Trip to Ellis Island, New York

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A Trip to Ellis Island, New York by Wanderlust Designer

It should be required that every American take a trip to Ellis Island. It is a historic site that truly embodies the spirit of this country. It is a place that gave hope to 12

On Location: 9/11 Reflections

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9/11 Memorial Reflections by Wanderlust Designer

We all know where we were when the planes struck. Some of us were across the country, some across the world, and some right next door. We all know someone who was deeply affected-

Time+Place: Keeping WWII History Alive

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Keeping WWII History Alive - the Betty Jane by Wanderlust Designer

There are some history buffs that live and breathe WWII stories. They know the strategies, the battles, the heros and sadly, the carnage. Then there are others like myself. I know some facts from

Time+Place: Wild West Horseback Riding in Utah

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Wild West Riding Adventure in Utah by Wanderlust Designer

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon in Southern Utah. The rusted reds in the sandstone cliffs reverberated against the cerulean blue skies. We got on our horses, left the stables of the resort, and

Time+Place: USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier

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USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier, Alameda, California by Wanderlust Designer

I will admit– I have a fascination with all things Navy. I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it’s my interest in history, but most likely it comes from movies and TV (Top Gun was

Time+Place: Map Puzzles of Famous Cities Through Time

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4D Cityscape Time Puzzles - Maps of Cities Through Time

Travel, history, and maps — three of my favorite things all in a puzzle! I can’t think of a better way to learn about a city I am about to visit than playing with