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At Home Creative Adventures: Take Out Sushi Collage

Celebrate your favorite take out food with this creative collage exercise! Everyday Creative Adventures at Home: Take Out Sushi Collage by Betsy Beier This may look a lot more complicated than it actually is, but don’t

Summer Creative Adventure No.1 – It’s Picnic Time

Summer Creative Adventure No. 1 - Picnic Time

This summer I’m determined to take the time to have some summer creative adventures. I plan to send out a weekly email with a free printable on a variety of creative ways to slow

Art School: How to Draw a Taco

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Who doesn’t love a good taco? I make them every week on Tuesday (yes, my weekly meal plan is pretty repetitive) and still never tire of them! There are just so many taco options-

Culture: Food – Gulliver’s Corn Illustrated Recipe

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Gulliver's Corn Illustrated Recipe by Wanderlust Designer

One of my family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes is Gulliver’s Corn.  It’s a creamy, cheesy corn dish that is always scraped clean by the end of the meal. I first learned about the recipe from

Culture: Food – Holiday Foods from Around the World

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Holiday Foods from Around the World by Wanderlust Designer

Yes, there are the decorations, the presents, and the holiday get togethers… but by far one of the best parts of the holiday season is food! There are so many food traditions surrounding the

Culture: Food – Ethiopian Injera

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Injera from Ethiopia by Wanderlust Designer

If you haven’t had Ethiopian food, you are in for an incredible treat. Not only is it rich with flavors and spices and but often it is served with (or on top of) a spongy

Culture: Food – Foodie Map of the World

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Foodie Map of the World by Betsy Beier, Wanderlust Designer

As you can tell with my many Eat Drink Travel illustrations, I love to illustrated different foods of the world. Of course, I first want to be in the country trying the dish first

Culture – Food: Chakalaka from South Africa

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Chakalaka from South Africa Food Illustration by Betsy Beier, Wanderlust Designer

Chakalaka is a staple vegetable and bean dish from the townships of South Africa. I read that this dish was developed by men working in goldmines. It is now practically a required dish to serve at a

Culture: Food – Fresh Farmers Markets in the South and East

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Fresh Farmers Markets in the South and East by Wanderlust Designer

When exploring any city, I love to head over to the local farmers market. It’s always a great way to a flavor of the local scene as well as pick up some delicious bites to

Culture: A World of Flavors – Ethiopian Berbere Spice Mix

Posted by • January 18, 2017 • Culture ,Food 1 Comment
Ethiopian Berbere Spice Mix Illustrated Recipe by Wanderlust Designer

The Ethiopian spice mix called Berbere (pronounced ber-beray) is a fiery spice blend that is a key ingredient in much of Ethiopian cuisine. It is a combination of 14 different flavorful and earthy spices.