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On Location: Seattle’s Gum Wall – Abstract Art or Janitor’s Worst Nightmare?

Seattle's Gum Wall - Abstract Art or Just Gross? by Wanderlust Designer

After a wonderful walk through lively Pike’s Place Market, my nieces were eager to show my family and I more Seattle sites. Outside the market place we went, and onto adjacent Post Alley. I

Textures+Place: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Posted by • April 17, 2013 • Art and Design ,Culture ,Textures ,Travel Sketches Add Comment
The Textures of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico by Wanderlust Designer

It was a humid day, large, puffy white clouds dotted the sky signaling an impending rain shower at some point in our afternoon. We arrived in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico with a bus

Textures+Place: Weeping Walls in Zion National Park

Posted by • March 12, 2013 • Art and Design ,Culture ,Textures Add Comment
The Weeping Walls in Zion National Park, Utah

Nature is full of surprises. Although I’ve seen a relatively good sampling of National Parks in the United States, once again, I was humbled by another phenomenon I had yet to experience… a weeping

Textures+Place: The Sands of Hawaii and a Free Download

Sands of Hawaii: Textures by Wanderlust Designer

There’s nothing like Hawaii. Being from California, I’ve been lucky to have been to many different Hawaiian islands. They all offer amazing tropical beaches, warm waters, and palm trees swaying– but each have their