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Finding Inspiration: Tips for Using Pinterest Effectively

To me, Pinterest is the mother of online inspiration! I absolutely love the platform. Well before Pinterest was ever a thing, I was that person who had a bulletin board pinned with inspiring images

Creative Inspiration from Sara Midda

I’ve been a huge fan of Sara Midda and her gorgeous art for many years. I first came across her work when my parents lived in St. Remy de Provence, France in the mid-90’s.

It’s a Colorful World – December Color Palette

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It's a Colorful World - December Color Palette by Wanderlust Designer

December is one of the best months to get out and about, open your eyes and see the colorful world we live in! Here’s a new palette for the month to keep an eye

It’s a Colorful World – November Palette

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It's a Colorful World - November Palette

Many years ago, while traveling with my family we came up with a “game” for the day where we’d pick a color and while we were out touring we would snap a picture when

Wanderlust Patterns: Alluring Istanbul Collection

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Alluring Istanbul Collection by Wanderlust Designer

Istanbul, Turkey is one of my most favorite cities in the world. The “East meets West” concept is so incredibly alluring. By just driving over the famed Bosphorus Bridge, one can be transported from

Wanderlust Patterns: Paris Floral Collection

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Paris Floral Collection by Wanderlust Designer

Paris is so iconic. From the Eiffel Tower to the cafe chairs, I love how a city can be represented by just a few simple line drawings. How in the instant you see the

Wanderlust Patterns: Bella Italia Collection

Bella Italia Collection by Wanderlust Designer

I have yet to meet someone who has traveled to Italy and hasn’t fallen in love with the country. Whether it’s the incredible Italian food, the enchanting piazzas, the historic sites, the Mediterranean cypress

Wanderlust Patterns: Swedish Folk Collection

Swedish Folk Collection by Wanderlust Designer

Before we went to Sweden, I took in as many books and stories as I could about Swedish culture. Immersing myself in all-things-Swedish really got me excited to explore the country and see if

Wanderlust Patterns: Camping Adventure

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Camping Adventure Collection and Illustrations by Wanderlust Designer

Summertime is made for camping! I’m lucky enough to have grown up and lived in some amazing areas in the West coast that offer incredible camping experiences. From sleeping under the tall redwoods of

Illustration News: Italian Tile Illustration Featured in Flutter Magazine

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Italian Tile Illustration by Wanderlust Designer featured in Flutter Magazine No.14

I was so excited to receive my copy of the gorgeous magazine, Flutter, and see my illustration featured! I was asked to design at vintage inspired Italian tile pattern to complement a dreamy wedding