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Culture: Shopping – Holiday Window Shopping Traditions

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Holiday Window Shopping Traditions by Wanderlust Designer

One of my favorite memories during the holidays growing up was getting dressed up and going to “the City” or San Francisco with my mom and sisters to see the holiday windows! I’d have

It’s a Colorful World – December Color Palette

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It's a Colorful World - December Color Palette by Wanderlust Designer

December is one of the best months to get out and about, open your eyes and see the colorful world we live in! Here’s a new palette for the month to keep an eye

Culture: Food – Gulliver’s Corn Illustrated Recipe

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Gulliver's Corn Illustrated Recipe by Wanderlust Designer

One of my family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes is Gulliver’s Corn.  It’s a creamy, cheesy corn dish that is always scraped clean by the end of the meal. I first learned about the recipe from

It’s a Colorful World – November Palette

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It's a Colorful World - November Palette

Many years ago, while traveling with my family we came up with a “game” for the day where we’d pick a color and while we were out touring we would snap a picture when

Culture: Food – Holiday Foods from Around the World

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Holiday Foods from Around the World by Wanderlust Designer

Yes, there are the decorations, the presents, and the holiday get togethers… but by far one of the best parts of the holiday season is food! There are so many food traditions surrounding the

Culture: Food – Ethiopian Injera

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Injera from Ethiopia by Wanderlust Designer

If you haven’t had Ethiopian food, you are in for an incredible treat. Not only is it rich with flavors and spices and but often it is served with (or on top of) a spongy

Wanderlust Patterns: Alluring Istanbul Collection

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Alluring Istanbul Collection by Wanderlust Designer

Istanbul, Turkey is one of my most favorite cities in the world. The “East meets West” concept is so incredibly alluring. By just driving over the famed Bosphorus Bridge, one can be transported from

Wanderlust Patterns: Paris Floral Collection

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Paris Floral Collection by Wanderlust Designer

Paris is so iconic. From the Eiffel Tower to the cafe chairs, I love how a city can be represented by just a few simple line drawings. How in the instant you see the

On Location: Artist Homes – Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul in Mexico City

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Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul in Mexico City by Wanderlust Designer

Located in the Coyoacan neighborhood of Mexico City, Casa Azul (the Blue House) is the birthplace of famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It is also the home where she grew up and spent many

Wanderlust Patterns: Bella Italia Collection

Bella Italia Collection by Wanderlust Designer

I have yet to meet someone who has traveled to Italy and hasn’t fallen in love with the country. Whether it’s the incredible Italian food, the enchanting piazzas, the historic sites, the Mediterranean cypress