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Finding Inspiration: Tips for Using Pinterest Effectively

To me, Pinterest is the mother of online inspiration! I absolutely love the platform. Well before Pinterest was ever a thing, I was that person who had a bulletin board pinned with inspiring images

Art School: How to Draw a Mask

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Masks are a part of many celebrations around the world, namely Carnevale in Venice, Italy; Carnaval do Brazil; and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Some believe masks were a pagan practice to ward off

Creative Inspiration from Sara Midda

I’ve been a huge fan of Sara Midda and her gorgeous art for many years. I first came across her work when my parents lived in St. Remy de Provence, France in the mid-90’s.

Art School: How to Draw a Box of Chocolates

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When did a box of chocolates become synonymous with Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day has a long history, yet it wasn’t until the mid-1800’s when British chocolatier Richard Cadbury was trying to perfect his drinking

Travel Journal: Meandering on Miyajima, Japan

Illustrated Interview: Julie Tulba – The Red Headed Traveler

Illustrated Interview: Julie Tulba, The Red Headed Traveler (by Betsy Beier)

Meet Julie – a librarian, avid traveler, author, foodie and sweet friend! I met Julie more than 3 years ago through my Etsy shop and we realized very quickly we had a lot in

Illustrated Interview: Betsy Beier – More about Me!

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Illustrated Interview: Betsy Beier, the Wanderlust Designer

Over the years I have met so many amazing people in my daily adventures, whether it be at home, traveling or online. To celebrate these friends, and all that they do, I thought it

Culture: Shopping – Holiday Window Shopping Traditions

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Holiday Window Shopping Traditions by Wanderlust Designer

One of my favorite memories during the holidays growing up was getting dressed up and going to “the City” or San Francisco with my mom and sisters to see the holiday windows! I’d have

It’s a Colorful World – December Color Palette

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It's a Colorful World - December Color Palette by Wanderlust Designer

December is one of the best months to get out and about, open your eyes and see the colorful world we live in! Here’s a new palette for the month to keep an eye

Culture: Food – Gulliver’s Corn Illustrated Recipe

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Gulliver's Corn Illustrated Recipe by Wanderlust Designer

One of my family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes is Gulliver’s Corn.  It’s a creamy, cheesy corn dish that is always scraped clean by the end of the meal. I first learned about the recipe from