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At Home Creative Adventures: Create a Landscape Painting Inspired by Van Gogh

Needing some culture or creative inspiration, but not wanting to leave the house? Museums around the world offer virtual tours of their collection to offer you colorful inspiration for days! Today, I virtually traveled

The Only Art on the Go Supply You Need

The simplest art on the go supply you really need is a pen and a small sketchbook! It can be a black pen, ballpoint pen, or even a marker! A black pen and a

At Home Creative Adventures: Learn French and Make a Doodle Word Book

Doodle your way to learning a new language by making a mini-book filled with foreign words to learn. Think of all the possibilities! You could make one of these before each trip to familiarize

How to Make a Mini-Journal or Sketchbook

I’m a huge fan of mini things– especially sketchbooks and journals. The big blank page staring in front of you becomes much less intimidating when it is smaller! Below is one of the most

At Home Creative Adventures: Take Out Sushi Collage

Celebrate your favorite take out food with this creative collage exercise! Everyday Creative Adventures at Home: Take Out Sushi Collage by Betsy Beier This may look a lot more complicated than it actually is, but don’t

At Home Creative Adventures: Pantry Raid

Our pantries offer us an unlimited number of things to draw, we just need to open them up and see what’s inside. Choose the most colorful item, your favorite food, or one with a

At Home Creative Adventures: Shoe Stories

If only our shoes could talk, what would they say? They’ve been places with you and have stories to tell. This fun creative prompts looks at your life adventures through your shoes! Inspired by

At Home Creative Adventures: Floral Bouquet

To brighten up your environment, create a floral bouquet just for you! This creative prompt will get you outside looking for blooms, and inside creating a masterpiece. An impressionistic style is the best approach

At Home Creative Adventure: 4 Objects, 1 Color

We can become easily immune to the colorful objects and items that fill our homes. Brighten your day with this creative color exercise and celebrate those items you may not see anymore! Everyday Creative Adventure

Creative Inspiration: Forget the Fish – Sketch the Signs at Pike Place Market in Seattle

There is a reason Pike Place Market is one of the top destinations when visiting Seattle. From discovering the food delicacies and handmade goods to listening to buskers and people watching, a local market