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Summer Creative Adventure No.1 – It’s Picnic Time

Summer Creative Adventure No. 1 - Picnic Time

This summer I’m determined to take the time to have some summer creative adventures. I plan to send out a weekly email with a free printable on a variety of creative ways to slow

Finding Inspiration: Tips for Using Pinterest Effectively

To me, Pinterest is the mother of online inspiration! I absolutely love the platform. Well before Pinterest was ever a thing, I was that person who had a bulletin board pinned with inspiring images

Creative Inspiration from Sara Midda

I’ve been a huge fan of Sara Midda and her gorgeous art for many years. I first came across her work when my parents lived in St. Remy de Provence, France in the mid-90’s.

Illustrated Interview: Julie Tulba – The Red Headed Traveler

Illustrated Interview: Julie Tulba, The Red Headed Traveler (by Betsy Beier)

Meet Julie – a librarian, avid traveler, author, foodie and sweet friend! I met Julie more than 3 years ago through my Etsy shop and we realized very quickly we had a lot in