Book: Wanderlust San Francisco

For tourists and locals of foggy San Francisco, see and explore the City by the Bay as you never have before with this travel-sized illustrated guidebook and journal, all in one.

Filled with colorful illustrations by Betsy Beier (Wanderlust Designer), this keepsake acts as a personal tour guide as you wander through the streets of San Francisco, from the Mission District down to the waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf and beyond. Organized by the city’s districts, the book leads you through all the major sights and hidden gems, with historical tidbits and other need-to-know information about the area. Sprinkled throughout are creative prompts and ideas for ways you can engage and immerse yourself in the city, involving anything from writing and drawing to photography, and other various activities. There also are fill-in lists for you to record your favorite spots and extra space to jot down other notes.

A perfect memento of your travels as well as a way to learn the history and culture of a place, this destination journal takes you on a special adventure around San Francisco to help you make it all your own.

Wanderlust Guides are published by West Margin Press. Wanderlust San Francisco is available now on Amazon and other major online retailers. See links below to buy.

Wanderlust San Francisco: A Creative Guide to the City by Betsy Beier – Book Trailer

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